Summer Hart

With a degree in business management from UT Austin, Summer brings her analytical and organizational skills to the Medley Inc. office as Operations Manager. Summer works hard each day to make sure Medley’s “back office” runs smoothly in addition to handling the finances and accounting. But don’t let the office setting fool you; it’s Summer’s passion to see others grow that make her a perfect fit for her life’s work, both at Medley and as she pursues her dream of becoming a family doctor.

Summer’s compassion and diligence shines through in each role she fills – whether supporting her teammates in the office or preparing for her future saving lives.

Summer’s heart for others also shines through as she serves alongside her husband in the nonprofit they founded, the HOPE Project. Through the HOPE Project, she gets to work with at-risk urban youth to teach vital life skills such as conflict resolution, interpersonal communication, personal development, and peer relationships. You can learn more about the HOPE Project online at


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