Houston Branding Company Medley Inc. Introduces Babies At Work Program to Accommodate Working Moms

Office Nursery and Mother’s Helper Service to Launch this Fall

Houston, TX, September 17, 2015 – On October 1, 2015, Houston-based branding company Medley Inc. will roll out their Babies at Work Program, just one of their many initiatives to demonstrate employee value within the company. Founded in 2009, Medley Inc. is a full service brand development company with a specific focus on reaching diverse audiences through web marketing, social media and public relations services. Medley has been known for providing jobs for young professionals, often times within a few months upon graduating from college. With an average employee age of 28, the company has always strived to remain progressive and evolve as its client base and staff has shifted through the years.

“I started the company when I was just 24 years old, but one thing that’s been consistent throughout the years is the need to create a work environment that compliments the personal and business lives of employees, myself included,” said Ashley Small, founder of Medley. “When our company was founded, we were all young women fiercely dedicated to work and focused on establishing a name for ourselves. As most of us enter into our 30’s, our priorities have shifted, and we want to be known for being great mothers, wives, daughters, aunts, while still doing great work within the company and within our communities.”

Babies at Work will include furniture and supplies to keep the little ones cared for and entertained, in addition to an in-office babysitter to care for the children while their mothers work. Taking a cue from companies like Netflix, Yahoo and, closer to home, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, the goal at Medley is to create a work environment that helps modern women sustain their lifestyles both in and out of the office.

“As a mother of two, who are more than five years apart, it’s important that I’m able to spend as much time with my kids as possible,” said Senior Account Executive at Medley, Cynthia Murga. “When I started working here at Medley, three years ago, my oldest son was still a toddler. I’m grateful to be able to expand my family without compromising my career.”

In addition to the new Babies at Work program, Medley has a history of providing flexible scheduling, an open policy on kids at work during school breaks, and flexible work from home options.

“I don’t take for granted the sacrifices these women make each day, and I think it’s pretty awesome that we’re playing a part in this paradigm shift in the workplace,” said Small.

For media inquiries, contact Sheila Buenrostro at sheila@medley-inc.com or 281-253-7057. Follow updates on Twitter and Instagram at @medleyinc

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