This year, Houston will host the the 2014 Civil Rights Game and ancillary events. The 2014 Civil Rights Game is the eighth installation of an annual event that began in Memphis in 2007, centering on an exhibition game between the St. Louis Cardinals and Cleveland Indians. After another exhibition game in Memphis in 2008, the Civil Rights Game moved to Cincinnati (2009-2010) and then Atlanta (2011-2012) as Regular Season contests. While much of the south was deeply affected during the Civil Rights Movement with violence threatening the well-being of many, Houston played a vital role in achieving peaceful desegregation, making it a crucial part of the overall effort. Tickets for the 2014 Civil Rights Game and ancillary events can be purchased at MLB.com/civilrightsgame and Astros.com/civilrightsgame.

See some of the recent media surrounding the event by clicking below:

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