“The Medley Inc. team was tenacious in their pursuit of media coverage for all of our events, maximized their print, online and broadcast relationships for our benefit and generated exceptional coverage with English and Spanish language media.In less than five months, their efforts resulted in the highest visibility we’ve received in the history of this annual event.”

– Steve Arocho, Major League Baseball

“Medley has been an essential part in moving my business and brand to the next level. After a few years of working with my P.R. team, we have touched every aspect of marketing from media campaigns to the planning of major events and advertising, video, SEO, rebranding of press kits, web presence, TV, radio, communication requirements and a full staff during my major fundraisers. Each season, my relationship with Medley grows as they are a major necessity to my business.

They are outside of the box thinkers which makes is easy to progress to new goals in my business brand each season.”

– Melissa Williams, founder of iWRITE Literacy Organization

“Throughout the course of our campaign, Medley Inc. consistently went above and beyond expectations, demonstrating the key qualities of professionalism. No job was too big or too small for Medley Inc., who was present and engaged at every event during our multi-day conference.

Their team of marketing and social media experts, introduced new concepts to our campaign, such as geo-targeting, trending topics, live, virtual interaction with guests and much more. They brought a positive attitude to the campaign and exceeded our expectations.”

– Joe Turner, Houston Parks and Recreation Department

“I was impressed with how quickly the team at Medley adopted and became familiar with my company and brand. It was important to me to find a company that encouraged a savvy innovative approach to marketing our company. I decided to work with medley because I saw results an increase in business after becoming a new client.

Having a media presence and connection to our clients through social media has been a great investment. We’ve Increased our client base, brand name recognition locally and nationally, and product sales. Social media has helped connect us with potential new friends and customers all over the world.”

-Tamika Fletcher, Natural Resources Salon

“I would first like to say that not many people younger than me inspire me—but the Medley staff inspires me with their courage, consistency and expertise in the industry. I love their dedication to each business and their efforts to cross promote us so that each business is rewarded. I love their spirit and attitude about life, love and the pursuit of happiness.”

– Jackie Adams, Owner of Melodrama Boutique

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